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Back face of A Fabric that Remembers by Laura Devendorf, an e-textile that remembers where and how it was pressed. Image courtesy of the artist 《布想起來》的背面,由羅拉.戴文多夫織製,此電子紡織品能夠記憶何處和如何被按壓。圖片由藝術家提供
Session 2: Metaphors of E-Textiles 議題二:電子織物的隱喻


Apr 17, 2021 07:39 PM

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Laura Devendorf 羅拉.戴文多夫
Artist and researcher 藝術家及研究員 @Boulder 博爾德
Laura Devendorf is an artist and a researcher who questions relationships between technology and culture by playfully subverting and reinterpreting categorisations of ‘machine’ and ‘body’. Her work presents alternative understandings of technology that draw heavily from feminist techno-science, trading notions of efficiency for engagement, control for humility, and individualism for cooperation and care. Her work takes the form of garments and tapestries with embedded electronics, open-source software and mixed-media systems. 羅拉.戴文多夫是藝術家兼研究員,她質疑科技與文化之間的關係,能巧妙地顛覆和重新詮釋「機器」和「身體」的分類。 她的作品提出對科技的另類理解主要來自於女權主義中的技術科學,致力將效率轉換成參與、控制變成謙遜以及個人主義變為合作與關懷。 作品的形式是裝有嵌入式電子產品、開源軟件及混合媒體系統的服裝和掛毯。
Annapurna Mamidipudi 安娜普娜・瑪美迪普迪
Scholar 學者 @Munich 慕尼黑
Annapurna Mamidipudi completed her PhD in the study of Science, Technology and Modern Culture at Maastricht University supervised by Wiebe Bijker in 2016.Using concepts from the history of technology as well as traditional Indian music Mamidipudi explored how innovation and creativity in Science and Art follow similar cognitive processes. She co-organised a seminar on Craft and Innovation in Kalakshetra, the premier Music and Dance institution, in Chennai in 2016, and a large conference bringing together more than 500 weavers and international historians of technology in Chirala in 2018. 瑪美迪普迪於2016年考獲荷蘭馬斯特里赫特大學的科學、技術與現代文化研究的博士學位,師從維貝.比克(Wiebe Bijker)。她研究技術史和印度傳統音樂,從中探索科學創新與藝術創意如何有著相似的認知過程。2016年曾在印度欽奈的著名音樂與舞蹈機構Kalakshetra合辦了一個關於工藝與創新的研討會;2018年於印度的奇拉拉舉辦了一次大型會議,召集了五百多名織布工和國際技術史學者參與。
Bruce Li 李勺言
Assistant Curator 助理策展人 @CHAT, Hong Kong CHAT六廠,香港
Bruce Li is Assistant Curator at CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile). With knowledge and practical experience as a weaver, knitter and writer, one of Li’s main research strands includes what mode of reading is engendered through textile-making. Having graduated from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, Li holds degrees in Comparative Literature and Textiles. 畢業於布朗大學及羅德島設計學院,李勺言持有比較文學及紡織的雙學位,擁有編織、針織和寫作的知識及實際經驗,以研究製造紡織的過程中所引起的不同閱讀體驗。