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Workshop held by Rhys for making clothing protectors for dining. Image courtesy: Kadri Keung 睿程的飲食圍巾製作工作坊。圖片提供:姜美而
Session 1: Care as Technology 議題一:科技關懷


Apr 17, 2021 09:42 AM

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Rhys 睿程 (Ophelia Keung and Kadri Keung 姜葛蘭琴及姜美而)
Founder and Creative Director 創辦人及設計總監 @Rhys, Hong Kong 睿程,香港
Ophelia Keung (Mrs Keung) is CEO and Founder of Rhys. Mrs Keung has over 30years of experience working in the garment industry. After retirement, Mrs Keung became the primary caretaker of her mother who was housed at an elderly home. Her experience led to her founding of Rhys in 2017, a social enterprise that strives to create aesthetically pleasing garments for the elderly and for different bodies. Kadri Keung is Creative Director of Rhys and graduated from the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a focus on Knitwear Design and Technology. Her background has led her to realise the superficiality of mainstream fashion and its failure to form connections with its users. 姜葛蘭琴(姜太)是睿程有限公司創辦人。從事30多年高級時裝製作的姜太,退休後照顧居住護老院的媽媽。這段經歴令姜太於2017年創立睿程有限公司,致力為老人以及身障人士製作美觀的適應性服飾。 姜美而是睿程有限公司設計總監。畢業於理工大學紡織及服裝學系針織時裝設計及科技專業,卻深感主流消費主義時裝欠缺與使用者之間的連結,時裝的意義只流於表面。
Rebirth Garments 再生服裝 (Sky Cubacub 思介.古巴賈)
Founder 始創人 @Rebirth Garments, Chicago 再生服裝,芝加哥
Sky Cubacub is a non-binary queer and disabled Filipinx artist from Chicago,Illinois. As a multidisciplinary artist and the creator of Rebirth Garment, they areinterested in fulfilling the needs for disabled queer life, with an emphasis on joy,making a line of wearables that challenges mainstream beauty standards throughcentering queer and disabled people of all sizes, ethnicities, and ages. They are theeditor of the Radical Visibility Zine, a magazine for queer and disabled people of allages based on their manifesto. Sky Cubacub was named 2018 Chicagoan of theYear by the Chicago Tribune. 作為跨媒介藝術家及再生服裝的始創人,思介.古巴賈致力於利用歡樂的方式滿足殘疾酷兒的需要,並透過製作一系列以所有尺碼、種族及年齡的酷兒與殘疾人士的服裝,挑戰主流審美觀。他們是《Radical Visibility Zine(基進可見性小誌)》的編輯,本著再生服裝宣言,是適合各個年齡層的酷兒及殘障人士閱讀的刊物。思介.古巴賈在2018年被《芝加哥論壇報》評選為年度芝加哥人物。
Brenda Rodriguez Alegre 布蘭達.羅德里格斯.阿列格雷
Lecturer, Gender Studies 性別研究講者 @University of Hong Kong 香港大學,香港
Brenda Rodriguez Alegre, PhD in Psychology. Her MA thesis and doctoral dissertation were about transgender women. She is currently among the Board of Directors of STRAP (The Society of Transsexual Women Advocates of the Philippines). Alegre is a Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong where she teaches Sexuality and Gender, with upcoming publications on transgender people’s experiences. As an activist for LGBTQI and women, she has been featured as an expert in TV and radio programs. In 2018, Alegre was awarded the LGBT + Public Champion in Hong Kong and delivered a speech at the United Nations Human Rights Council in June of that year. She is a choir soprano. 布蘭達.羅德里格斯.阿列格雷為一位心理學博士,其碩士及博士論文均與跨性別女性相關。她現為STRAP(菲律賓跨性別女性倡導者協會)的董事會成員。阿列格雷亦是香港大學的講師,任教Gender and Sexuality,並即將出版有關跨性別人士生活經歷的刊物。作為一位LGBTQI以及女性議題的運動人士,她經常以專家身份獲邀請到電視及電台節目。於2018年,阿列格雷於香港獲選為最具影響力同志共融推廣大使,並於同年6月在聯合國人權理事會發表演說。她亦為一位合唱團女高音。