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Poetic messages emerge from the interactive binary grids of Morse Code Board Game by Amor Munoz. Image courtesy of the artist 阿莫爾.穆洛茲作品《摩斯密碼桌上遊戲》的互動式二元方格,能夠產生具詩意的訊息。圖片由藝術家提供
Session 5: Short Circuiting Textiles 議題五:短路紡織


Apr 19, 2021 07:49 PM

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KOBAKANT 小場工匠 (Satomi Mika and Hannah Perner-Wilson 里見美香及漢娜.佩爾奈.威爾遜)
Founders 創辦人 @KOBAKANT, Berlin 小場工匠,柏林
Satomi Mika and Hannah Perner-Wilson have been collaborating since 2006, and in 2008 formed the collective KOBAKANT. Together, through their work, they explore the use of textile crafts and electronics as a medium for to comment on technological aspects of today’s ‘high-tech’ society. KOBAKANT believes in the spirit of humour technology, often presenting their work as a twisted criticism of the stereotypes surrounding textile craftsmanship and electrical engineering. KOBAKANT believes that technology exists to be hacked, handmade and modified by everyone to better fit our personal needs and desires. 里見美香及漢娜.佩爾奈.威爾遜從2006年開始合作,並於2008年成立了小場工匠。她們在創作中探索將紡織工藝和電子技術用作審視當今「高科技」社會中技術層面的媒介。小場工匠以幽默的態度面對科技,經常將她們的作品作為對紡織工藝和電氣工程原型觀念扭曲的批評。小場工匠相信每個人都可以對科技進行介入、手工製作及修改,從而更恰當地滿足個人需求。
Amor Munoz 阿莫爾.穆洛茲
Artist 藝術家 @Mexico City 墨西哥城
Based and works in Mexico City, Munoz works across textiles, performance, drawing, sound and experimental electronics to explore the relationship between technology and society, showing a special interest in the interaction between material forms and social discourse. Munoz often invites peripheried communities for creative production of e-textiles, yielding local employee and business. 阿莫爾.穆洛茲現於墨西哥城生活及工作,致力研究於紡織品、表演、繪畫、聲音及實驗性電子產品,探索科技與社會之間的關係,並對物質形式與社會論述之間的互動擁有濃厚興趣。 穆洛茲經常邀請邊緣社群以創新方式製作電子紡織產品,從而培養當地員工及企業。
Takahashi Mizuki 高橋瑞木
Executive Director and Chief Curator 執行董事及首席策展人 @CHAT, Hong Kong CHAT六廠,香港
Takahashi Mizuki is the current Executive Director and Chief Curator of Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile. She completed MA History of Art from both Waseda University, Tokyo and The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. After serving as a founding curatorial member at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo from 1999-2003, Takahashi worked as senior curator at Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito and realised numerous transdisciplinary exhibitions addressing various artistic forms including manga, film, fashion, architecture, performance and contemporary art. 高橋瑞木現任六廠紡織文化藝術館的執行董事及首席策展人。她持有東京早稻田大學和倫敦大學亞非學院的藝術史碩士學位。 1999至2003年間她是東京森美術館的初創策展成員,後來在水戶藝術館的現代美術中心擔任高級策展人,策劃了多項跨領域展覽,展示不同藝術形式,包括漫畫、電影、時裝、表演及視覺藝術。