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Cultural worker Zainab Aliyu’s research notes on the contributions of women in early computing history for the installation Death as a Moment of Radical Continuity. Image courtesy of the artist 文化工作者扎伊納布.阿利尤為裝置作品《以死亡作為延續》所做的研究記錄,內容關於女性在早期電腦發展史中所作的貢獻。 圖片由藝術
Session 3: Radical Re-Imaginings 議題三:建構另類未來


Apr 18, 2021 10:55 AM

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Innocent Mutanga
Founder 創辦人 @Africa Center Hong Kong, Hong Kong 香港非洲中心,香港
Dedicated to rebranding blackness and sharing an African perspective, especially black consciousness in Asia, Innocent Mutanga launched the Africa Center Hong Kong at the turn of 2019. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Mutanga fled for his life from his homeland to Hong Kong in 2013 where he arrived as a refugee, sleeping on the streets with only $HK200 in his pockets. He later went on to study Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he became the first refugee to get into an official undergraduate programme in a local university and further went on to work for an investment bank. Innocent Mutanga 重塑黑人形象以及提供一個非洲人視角,尤其是位於亞洲的黑人意識。他於2019年初成立香港非洲中心。Innocent Mutanga在津巴布韋出生和長大。他於2013年從家鄉逃到香港,帶著200港幣成為了一個露宿街頭的難民。其後他在香港中文大學修讀人類學,成為首位成功修讀本地大學本科課程的難民,及後於一間投資銀行工作。
Zainab Aliyu 扎伊納布.阿利尤
Artist and cultural worker 藝術家及文化工作者 @New York 紐約
Zainab Aliyu (‘Zai’) is an artist and cultural worker living in Occupied Lenapehoking (Brooklyn, New York, USA). Her work is about the material affect of the ‘immaterial’. She contextualises the cybernetic and temporal entanglement embedded within societal dynamics to understand how all socio-technological systems of control are interconnected, and how we are all implicated through time. She often dreams, experiments and inquires through built virtual environments, printed matter, video, archives, writing, installation and community-participatory unlearning. 扎伊納布.阿利尤(「扎」)是一位居於萊納佩人領地(美國紐約布魯克林)的藝術家及文化工作者。她的作品主要討論「非物質」的物質影響。她為社會動力學中的模控學和時間糾纏作語境分析以了解所有社會技術系統如何互相聯繫以及我們如何透過時間相互牽連。她經常做夢、進行實驗,並透過內建虛擬環境、印刷品、影片、存檔紀錄、寫作、裝置及社區參與式的學習(及捨棄學習)以叩問。
Chantal Wong 黃子欣
Director of Culture 文化總監 @Eaton Workshop, Hong Kong 香港
Chantal Wong is the Director of Culture, Eaton Workshop Hong Kong, a hospitality brand dedicated to shaping a better world. She is the co-founder of charities including Things that can happen (2005-07), an art-space connecting art to its socio-political environment, Learning Together, which creates opportunities for refugee and asylum seekers to access education and career opportunities through scholarships, internships and leadership programmes and Women’s Festival, the only festival in Hong Kong celebrating the experiences of and questioning the definition of women. She was the Head of Strategy at Asia Art Archive from 2011-17. 黃子欣是香港逸東酒店旗下酒店品牌Eaton Workshop的文化總監,致力建立更美好的世界。曾參與創辦的慈善組識,包括藝術空間「咩事」(2005-2007),以藝術聯繫政治環境;協助難民及政治避難者的「Learning Together」,透過獎學金、實習機會和領袖計劃提供教育與工作機會;以及「香港女人節」,全港第一個慶祝女性力量、探討女性定義的女人節。曾在研究中心-亞洲藝術文獻庫(Asia Art Archive)擔任策略主管。