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Keynote: Interweaving Poetic Code 主題演講:織碼如詩


Apr 16, 2021 07:48 PM

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Alexander R. Galloway 阿歷山大・蓋洛威
Professor, Media Studies 媒體研究教授 @New York University, New York 紐約大學,紐約
Alexander R. Galloway is a writer and computer programmer working on issues in philosophy, technology and theories of mediation. Professor of Media Studies at New York University, he is author of several books on digital media and critical theory. He is currently finishing a new manuscript on the deep history of computation, scheduled to be published in autumn 2021. 蓋洛威是一位作家和電腦程式師,致力研究哲學、技術和中介作用理論。他是美國紐約大學媒體研究教授,曾出版數本關於數碼媒體和批判理論的著作,目前正在書寫關於計算理論的深度歷史,預計2021年秋天出版。
Taeyoon Choi 崔泰潤
Artist and educator 藝術家及教育工作者 @Seoul & New York, 首爾及紐約
Taeyoon Choi is an artist and educator based in New York and Seoul. He co-founded School for Poetic Computation in 2013 where he organised classes and taught experimental workshops. He is inspired by the poetics in science, technology, society and human relations. He works with computer programming, drawing and writing, in collaboration with fellow artists and community members. He believes in the intersectionalities of art, activism and education. He works with activists and scholars on disability rights, environmental justice and anti-racism. 崔泰潤是藝術家及教育工作者,現居於紐約及首爾。他於2013年與友人共同創辦了詩意編程學院。他受到科學、科技、社會與人際關係中的詩意啟發,並與其他藝術家和社區成員合作進行電腦編程、繪畫及寫作。崔泰潤相信藝術、社運及教育的共通性,與社運人士及學者研究殘疾權利、環境正義及反種族主義。
Amy K. S. Chan 陳潔詩
Dr Amy K. S. Chan 陳潔詩博士 @Hong Kong Shue Yan University 香港樹仁大學
Amy K. S. Chan is an Associate Professor at the Department of English and the Director of Centre of Comparative Gender Research at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Chan is a local Hong Kong scholar teaching and doing research in technoscience culture, gender studies, literary studies and science fiction. Her doctoral dissertation is on Cyberfeminism. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersections of Deleuzian philosophy, technoscience culture and Chinese culture and philosophy. 香港樹仁大學英文系副教授兼比較性別研究中心主任 陳潔詩為香港學者、教授,研究科技文化、性別研究、文學研究及科幻小說。其博士論文探討電子女性主義,亦熱衷研究德勒茲哲學、科技文化及中國文化哲學的交流。