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Shezi Island, Drifting Identities 社子島 / 漂流的身份
Tuesday, 12 October 2021
5:30-7:00pm (Hong Kong, UTC+8)
Speakers: Chu Chun-Teng, Yamauchi Terue and Jeon Gisun/Matsuda Motoyoshi
Language: Mandarin with simultaneous interpretation into English

Presentation by Chu Chun-Teng
Chu Chun-Teng is in the process of developing a new video work about Shezi Island in Taipei, a remote island removed from modernity and situated on a sandbar formed by the confluence of two rivers. This place of inconstancy and ambiguity echoes Chu’s artistic practice, which explores the inexorable frustration and predicaments we experience when confronted with both survival and desire. As well as sharing his creative process and his experience living on Shezi Island, Chu also relates his experience of residencies in China and elsewhere in Asia.

Chu Chun-Teng’s new work will be presented at CHAT’s Spring Programme 2022.

Presentation by Yamauchi Terue and Jeon Gisun/Matsuda Motoyoshi
Yamauchi Terue and Jeon Gisun/Matsuda Motoyoshi are participating artists in CHAT’s Spring Programme 2022. In the exhibition, the two artists attempt to reveal a panoramic perspective of the boundaries or frameworks in human mind to encourage us to critically think about what we believe as a premise or basis for living is only one factor of existence. In this on-line presentation, two artists will share their continuing dialogue and creation process.

2021年10月12日 星期二
香港時間(UTC +8)下午5時30分至晚上7時




Oct 12, 2021 05:30 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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Chu Chun-Teng 朱駿騰
Artist 藝術家
Chu Chun-Teng was born in 1982, Taipei, Taiwan. He graduated from the Department of Film at Shih Hsin University in Taipei, Taiwan in 2006, and in 2010, completed his MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London, in the UK. Chu Chun-Teng made a number of feature films and was selected in international film festivals while he was still a university student. Upon receiving his BA film degree, he shifted his focus towards fine art and worked on film, video art and installation. He is deeply concerned with the dilemma of the individual in modern society, in particular individual existence, social hierarchy and political conflicts, which are all closely examined throughout his art practice. 朱駿騰,在1982年出生於台北,2010年取得英國倫敦金匠大學藝術創作碩士學位。他在大學主修電影,求學期間曾拍攝多部劇情短片,並入選國際電影節。畢業後,他的創作方向轉移至當代藝術,作品以電影、多頻道錄像及現成物裝置為主,向「個人」在面對當下社會/政治/文化等複雜結構下面臨的困境與生存狀態表達關注,甚至嘗試回應。
Yamauchi Terue 山内光枝
Artist 藝術家
Terue is an artist based in Japan. In 2010, during her existential journey of searching for and exploring the origin of her life, she came across an old photo of a naked Ama (sea women) diver that deeply inspired her to this day, as she continues to explore human nature and considers a world view nurtured by the sea. In 2013, she graduated from a Haenyeo school on Jeju Island, Korea where she learned traditional free diving fishery and began shooting underwater. Since 2015, she has carried out research projects in the Philippines and extended her field of study to maritime Asia. Her first documentary film Crossing Tides was awarded Honorable Mention for feature-length film at the Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2019. 山内光枝是一位居住在日本的藝術家。2010年,她在追溯生命起源的存在之旅時,邂逅了一張裸體海人(Ama),即潛水員的老照片,啟發她開始對人性及大海所孕育的世界觀感到興趣。2013年,她從韓國濟州島的海女學校畢業,她學習了傳統的自由潛水漁業​​,並開始進行水底拍攝。自2015年,她在菲律賓展開研究項目,將研究領域擴展至亞洲海洋。她的第一部紀錄片《Crossing Tides》在2019年東京紀錄片電影節上獲得了長篇電影榮譽獎。
Jeon Gisun/Matsuda Motoyoshi 全基善∕松田基善
Cultural Translator/Earthbag Builder 文化翻譯/土袋製作人
Gisun/Motoyoshi is a cultural translator and an earthbag builder currently based mainly in Japan. As the director and coordinator of a team he set up in 2015 which consists of cultural translators and editors, he has developed a unique cultural approach through co-organising a wide range of projects addressing lifestyle, community, art, food and craftmanship throughout Asia. Also, as a member of five mutual aid communities, he continues to expand his living design practices through his characteristic architectural and woodworking techniques. 全基善是一位居住日本的文化翻譯及土袋製作人。他在 2015年成立由文化翻譯及編輯組成的團隊,並擔任總監及協調員,透過共同舉辦各項項目以拓展當地文化,包括以亞洲為主的生活方式、社區、藝術、食品及工藝。此外,作為五個互助社區的成員之一,他繼續以其獨特的建築及木工技術擴闊生活設計實踐。