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'Artist as Designer' in South Korea 南韓的「藝術設計師」
Wednesday, 6 October 2021
5:30-7:00pm (Hong Kong, UTC+8)
Speakers: Hyun Seewon, Helen Jungyeon Ku
Language: Korean with simultaneous interpretation into English and Cantonese

Presentation by Hyun Seewon
Since 2010, there have been regular collaboration between artists and designers in South Korea across different mediums, such as exhibitions, publications and products, and the establishment of creative groups and collectives. Through the study of the creative practice of several designers and artists, Hyun Seewon’s research will explore the institutional forces driving this phenomenon, the evolution of the thinking underpinning it and its possible future development.

2021年10月6日 星期三
香港時間(UTC +8)下午5時30分至晚上7時


Oct 6, 2021 05:30 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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Hyun Seewon 玄始源
Curator/Writer 策展人/寫作者 @Co-director of Audio Visual Pavilion Audio Visual Pavilion 聯合總監
Hyun Seewon is a curator and writer based in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2013, she has been running the Audio Visual Pavilion, an exhibition space located in Seoul. Her interest in context, platforms of exhibition, and history have led to the manifestations of projects in a number of spaces, ranging from traditional Korean architecture to performance and theater spaces, museums, galleries, as well as the printed page. 玄始源是韓國首爾的策展人和作家。自2013年,她負責營運位於首爾的展覽空間 Audio Visual Pavilion。她的創作興趣在於語境、展覽和場域特定性,並展開了多個有關傳統韓國建築、表演、劇院空間、博物館、畫廊及印刷的項目頁面。
Helen Jungyeon Ku 具靜延
Curator of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea 韓國國立現代美術館策展人 @Co-founder of mediabus and The Book Society mediabus 和 The Book Society 的聯合創始人
Helen Jungyeon Ku is currently a curator at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. She received her MA in art theory from the Korea National University of Arts. She co-founded mediabus and The Book Society after working as a design curator at the ZeroOne Design Center. 具靜延現為韓國國立現代美術館的策展人。她在韓國藝術綜合大學取得藝術理論碩士學位。在 ZeroOne 設計中心擔任設計策展人後,她共同創立了 mediabus 和 The Book Society。