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與藝術家聊天:關於工人 CHAT with Artist: About A Worker
9月7日,星期三,香港時間(UTC +8)晚上7時、巴黎時間(UTC +2)下午1時


Wednesday, 7 Sep, 7:00pm (Hong Kong, UTC +8), 1:00pm (Paris, UTC +2)
Language: English with simultaneous interpretation into Cantonese

CHAT with Artist is a series of talks inviting artists and designers participating in the current exhibition to engage in conversation. With a heart for inclusivity and diversity, they will unravel their artistic practices and share how their works are realised through collaboration with various communities such as refugees, the LGBTQ+ community, migrant workers and prisoners.

Sep 7, 2022 07:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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關於工人設計工作室是金侯及保羅.鮑倫格於2017年成立。來自世界各地的工人有機會透過成為設計師向社會表達自身意見,同時重視工人的工藝和創意天賦。關於工人亦為工人、工匠、學生、消費者和具影響力的行業提供平台,讓各行各業的人士有機會相聚,從而建立包容性系統以實現更光明的未來。關於工人創造了一種製作時裝的方法,將工人置於創作過程的中心,結合他們的工作願景與個人故事。 ABOUT A WORKER is a design studio founded as a practical social and creative system by Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger in 2017. Their aim is to give workers from around the world a voice by becoming designers while valuing their craft and creative talents. They initiate collaborations between workers, craftspeople, students, consumers and influential industries, thus offering a platform to meet and build inclusive systems for a brighter future. ABOUT A WORKER also creates a new method of making fashion, where the worker is placed at the centre of the creative process so that their vision and personal stories can be incorporated.