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Home Textiles and Social Order, ‘Textile-Texture’ in Urban and Architectural Surfaces 家居織物與社會秩序 / 都市建築的紡織性肌理
Tuesday, 5 October 2021
5:30-7:00pm (Hong Kong, UTC+8)
Speakers: Ren Jie, Charles Lai
Language: Mandarin and Cantonese with simultaneous interpretation into English

Presentation by Ren Jie
As the most personal of fabrics next to clothing, how do domestic textiles relate to social order? How is their development intertwined with political and cultural changes? Ren’s research will focus on domestic textiles throughout Chinese history and in contemporary life. Starting from the most everyday fabrics, Ren Jie will explore, investigate and re-examine their significance and value.

Presentation by Charles Lai
Through analysing the cultures, material histories, properties and the anatomy of respective construction systems, Lai’s research project aims to reveal the conceptual and physical roles of textiles and fabrics in the construction of architectural surfaces. His project is particularly interested in how different materials negotiate with forms, especially in less-noticed details, moments and corners where anonymous contractors and craftsmen might have improvised of their own volition, thus reflecting more truthfully the ‘natural’ behaviour of the architectural materials. It will also take into account the aging, modifications and repairs to the material as these processes reflect the materiality and critical reception of the architectural surfaces, and how these materials have been imagined as ‘dressing’ for buildings.

香港時間(UTC +8)下午5時30分至晚上7時



Oct 5, 2021 05:30 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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Ren Jie 任倢
Artist/Researcher 藝術家/研究員
Ren Jie is an artist with a PhD from the China Academy of Art who now teaches at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Her research focuses on fibre art and contemporary art while her artworks, social projects, writings and teaching all reflect the broader context around these topics while touching on soft material art. She is the author of Soft Material: Flexibility in Contemporary Art. 任倢是藝術家及中國美術學院博士,研究方向為纖維藝術及當代藝術,現任教於廣州美術學院。他的個人創作、社會項目、寫作實踐及教學工作環繞當代藝術、纖維藝術,以及朝着更廣闊的軟材料藝術展開,著有《可變之物:當代藝術中的軟材料》一書。
Charles Lai 黎雋維
Architectural Historian 建築史學者
Charles Lai is an architect as well as a researcher and writer of architectural history. He received his PhD degree in architectural history and theory from the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, and his diploma degree from the AA School of Architecture in London. His thesis focuses on the history, material culture and technology of a cement plaster called Shanghai Plaster in East and Southeast Asia, as well as the conservation of built historical heritages. 黎雋維是建築師、研究員及建築史作者。他在香港大學建築系取得建築史與理論博士學位,在倫敦AA建築學院取得文憑學位。他的論文集中於歷史、物質文化、一種名為上海石膏的東亞及東南亞水泥石膏技術,以及歷史文物建築保育。