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Flowers and Personal Experience, Textile in East Asian New Wave Cinema 花朵與私人經驗 / 東亞「新浪潮」電影中的紡織
Wednesday, 13 October 2021
5:30-7:00pm (Hong Kong, UTC+8)
Speakers: Wang Yiquan, Zian Chen
Language: Mandarin with simultaneous interpretation into English

Presentation by Wang Yiquan
Wang Yiquan’s research on the traditional Chinese silk flower craft led him to developing a creative practice examining flowers. At the same time, he supplements his research and practice with introspection on his own life experiences and family history in relation to flowers. Wang Yiquan’s new works related to the Chinese silk flower craft will be presented at CHAT’s Spring Programme 2022.

Presentation Zian Chen
From the textile industry to East Asian New Wave films, we often interpret the zeitgeist in East Asia through cultural and industrial development. Zian Chen’s project examines the iteration of different textile technologies and the sense of time it refers to. The project proposes a series of schemas, collects specific visual materials and reflects on the relationship between industry and time. Between the similarities and time differences in various regions, we can find a perspective approximating Sadie Plant’s The Future Looms, which can reposition the 21st century notion of ‘no future’.

2021年10月13日 星期三
香港時間(UTC +8)下午5時30分至晚上7時


從紡織業到東亞新浪潮電影,我們經常從文化和工業的發展詮釋東亞地區的時代精神。此項目研究不同紡織技術的迭代和其所指涉的時間感,提出一系列圖式,並搜集具體的視覺材料,思考工業和時間的關係。在各地區的相似與時差之間,也許能找到一種更接近Sadie Plant《未來紡織機》的角度,以重新定位21世紀文化「沒有未來」之說。

Oct 13, 2021 05:30 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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Wang Yiquan
Artist/Exhibition Author 藝術家/展覽作者
Wang Yiquan, born in Beijing in 1987, is an artist and curator currently based in Shanghai. With research interests including performance art, film, urban space and the relationship between art and economy, he has developed his art into a multi-dimensional practice over the past decade. As an artist, his works combine complexity with diversity. He has constantly challenged the traditional format of exhibitions by transforming multiple artistic mediums into performative settings to create participatory live events and narrative spatial configurations, which form part of his commentary on social and cultural issues. Curating exhibitions and organising art events are essential to Wang Yiquan’s artistic practice. 王懿泉,藝術家和策展人,1987年出生於北京,現居上海。他的創作和研究興趣在於表演、電影、城市空間、藝術與經濟之間的關係,憑藉針對這些議題的持續創作,他的藝術實踐在過去十年間發展出多樣面貌。他將多種媒介融合在富有表演性的場景裡,創作出形成參與感的現場活動,或承載敘事的空間設置,藉此對社會及文化議題展開個人化的評論。策劃展覽和組織藝術活動是王懿泉在藝術實踐中很重要的部分。
Zian Chen 陳璽安
Curator 策展人 @Co-editor of Heichi Magazine 《黑齒》雜誌的共同編輯
Zian Chen is a curator and the co-editor of Heichi Magazine. In 2016, he contributed several fictional writing pieces to the magazine, including Future Histories: Mark Dion and Arseny Zhilyaev, The Two-Sided Lake: Scenarios, Storyboards and Sets from Liverpool Biennial. He co-edited the Olympic Reveries in 2021, and Arrow Factory: The Last Five Years in 2020. Chen is also the co-curator of Long March Project: Building Code Violations III – Special Economic Zone in 2018, Long March Project: The Deficit Faction in 2019, and Planet Marx Reading Club in 2019. 陳璽安是策展人,也是《黑齒》雜誌的共同編輯。在2016年,他的文章曾被收錄在《未來歷史:Mark Dion與Arseny Zhilyaev》和《雙向湖泊:利物浦雙年展情景、故事、設定集》中,文章近期被載於《黑齒》雜誌。他曾合作編輯《平行奧運》及《箭廠空間五年書》,以及共同策劃2018年的《長征計劃:違章建築三——特區》、2019年的《長征計劃:赤字團》及「行星馬克思讀書會」。